Since hypermobility involves a wider range of movement than normal, joints are unstable and loose, and this can often lead to dislocations and subluxations.  Inevitably there is frequent joint pain.

Dislocation: When a joint comes all the way out and requires help to go back in place (or be reduced, which is what the medics call putting it back).  This may mean shifting the body or moving in some way, someone else getting the joint back into place, or sometimes going to hospital to get it back.

Subluxation: is a partial dislocation, when a joint feels as if it has ‘come out’ or is not in the right place, but can go back into place easily, often on its own and with a ‘pop’.

I can sublux my shoulder quite painlesslessy, but it has proved to be an area of recurrent problems.  My daughter’s hip will suddenly ‘go’ when she is walking or doing something quite ordinary, and cause great pain.  Various joints in my hand sublux and many other joints need to be watched carefully as they sublux too, particularly my knees.  My jaw will suddenly ‘go’, especially with hard or chewy food, and sometimes lock in place, taking days to go back fully.  This is not pleasant and these subluxations often lead to minor tears or surrounding tissue damage.

ankle subluxation